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60 Day Challenge

Get ready for summer by Joining our limited time only challenge during the month of March

the Challenge

Over 60 days, experience the most progress towards your individual goals using our suite of fitness and health tools. The person who demonstrates the most progress and the most engagement with our tools will win a free month of unlimited classes, a 12-pack of Zestea energy drinks, a $50 gift card from Kimith, AND an E60 Fitness t-shirt. Runner-up will earn a $50 gift card from Kimith plus an E60 Fitness t-shirt.

To succeed in this challenge, you'll be judged based on your score in the following three categories. Your rank for improving your relative strength and tracking your nutrition will determine your overall rank, with the heart rate challenge being the tiebreaker!

E60 No Box - Straight Numbers - Drop Shadow.png

Your rank is calculated as the greatest percentage improvement in four main lifts. The four main lifts are:

  • Bench Press

  • Back Squat

  • Bent Over Row

  • Deadlift

Bonus points will be awarded for posting your weekly progress to your Instagram story! We'll have templates available for each week.

Track Nutrition


Macrostax is a nutrition tracking software that makes it easy to stick to a macro-focused nutrition plan (i.e. eating a certain level of carbs, fats, and proteins each day).


You'll complete Macrostax actions and receive points for sticking to your prescribed macro nutrition plan. Actions include hitting macro targets, logging on the weekend, taking measurements, and  more!

elevate  heart rate

MYZONE® Logo_White Text.png

The tiebreaker! Whoever earns the most MEPs over the course of the challenge will win the tiebreaker in the event that people tie for first or second place. Otherwise, participating in the heart rate challenge is optional.


If you do not have a heart rate, stop by the front desk to purchase one for only $30! Demo belts are available if you would like to test one out first.

joining the Challenge

Already a member?

If you're currently a member at E60, click the Sign Up button below and fill out the form to register for the 60-Day Challenge.

After registering, we'll provide you access to Macrostax and our lift tracker. The challenge begins March 3rd, and you can join any time during the month of March.

New to E60?

Welcome! First, try us out for free with a free week trial. Then, click the Purchase button below and sign in to your Pike13 account to register for our 60-Day Challenge. The challenge includes two months of unlimited classes and access to Macrostax for $375. Offer ends March 31st. The challenge begins March 3rd, and you can join any time during the month of March.

Learn more about Classes at E60

 strength training Classes

Our classes focus on providing a comprehensive workout in only

60 minutes that efficiently trains your body, and provides a one-stop shop for your fitness. Through HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), you can get the benefits of traditional strength training in half the time (1, 2), while also elevating your heart rate to a level where the workout has the same effect as cardio. You want RESULTS, and it's our job to help you get there.

Efficient Workouts that Provide All of Your Fitness Needs in One Place

Muscle Focus Workouts, Backed by Science


Instructed & Designed by Certified Fitness Experts

Changes Daily to Prevent Plateau and Boredom


Flexibility for All Fitness Levels to Choose Their Challenge Level


Since our classes are designed around the use of free weights, they are able to accommodate all fitness levels. Our certified personal trainers provide guidance and motivation, but ultimately you choose your pace and your resistance levels. We use functional equipment because it's the best way to work your body. You do not need any experience to attend our classes. Our expert trainers will guide you to a whole new level of fitness no matter your starting point.

Learn to measure your progress and see results 

It can be difficult to see results from your fitness journey if you are not measuring your progress. Our programming is designed to make tracking easy, and your results obvious. During each 8-week cycle, you will learn proper form for a fundamental barbell lift, progressively build muscle through lift variations, and test how far you've come.

All of our classes on a given day have the same muscle focus: upper, lower, or total body. By focusing on a particular muscle group each day, our programming follows the best practices of strength training (4) while also allowing you to attend muscle focus days aligned with your fitness goals.


Proper form for strength training is crucial to long-term success, especially when it comes to barbell lifts. In week one of our programming, you'll be able to find your starting point and practice proper form.

Week 1


During the core of our programming, you will steadily improve your strength over six weeks while working on alternative forms of the main lift. Throughout this period, you'll be encouraged to progressively lift heavier with fewer reps, which will lead to greater strength results.

Weeks 2-7


For the last week of our programming, you'll measure your max rep and compare the weight level to week one. This test will demonstrate your progress, and give you a benchmark to beat during the next cycle!

Week 8


Women using kettlebell. Studio is full of equipment, including bar bells, medicine balls, slam balls, dumbbells, turf, treadmills, bikes, and rowers


All-In-One Workout

Our All-In-One workout includes resistance training, functional movement, and cardio intervals. The stations, exercises, and equipment change daily to keep your body challenged, prevent plateau, and eliminate boredom.

Man using barbell. Best workout in Alexandria and Arlington for a reason. With strength training classes, you'll be able to gain muscle and shed fat Lose weight the right way


Strength Training

This weight bearing class cuts out the cardio and covers principles and techniques of true resistance training to build physical and mental strength, lean muscle tissue, and muscular endurance.

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