We strive to make our processes as easy to follow as possible, and without burden. We have a 24/7 online schedule of classes populated weeks in advance for your convenience. In order to continue to provide the best service, please take a moment to review the following class enrollment rules.

Class Enrollment:
  1. Class enrollment online is available up until 30 minutes before the class start time. We have a recurring schedule, meaning our class times are consistent week to week, so our schedule is available for enrollment weeks ahead of time. 

  2. We cannot accommodate walk-ins. Enrollment is available online, in person via our Front Desk, or by giving us a call at 703-351-7549. Please do not email us for class enrollment.

    • Our class capacity is limited. It is important to reserve a space for yourself ahead of time.

    • Our trainers also need to be able to prepare for the class size, to create groups and provide the best service. 

  3. Our standard class enrollment limit is 20 participants to optimize class space. If you have a membership, pass, or session package, you can join a waitlist for any class that is already at capacity. Waitlist members will be automatically enrolled into class on first come, first serve basis if someone from the class roster un-enrolls.

  4. Users may not enroll in a class on our schedule without having a membership or session package at the time of enrollment. An employee may enroll you into a class manually without having an eligible pass, but you will not be allowed to participate in class until a payment has been made.

  5. If you have an active membership with an overdue payment, you will be able to enroll in class online, but you will not be allowed to participate in class until a payment has been made to settle the bill.

Class Cancellations and No-Shows:

  1. Cancellations from a class are available up until the class start time, however, cancellations within 2 hours of the class time are considered "late cancellations" and may be penalized with a fee of $12.00 or a deduction of a pass.​

    • We understand situations occur and we try to maintain flexibility as much as possible. Please remember that a claimed space in a class costs money. The fee is lower than the cost of a class, which means we still take a loss from the cancellation.

  2. Classes are run on a strict schedule. If you show up more than 6 minutes late you may not be permitted to enter class and will be marked as a late-cancellation. This is for your safety, as well as to mitigate disruption to class.

  3. No-shows, which occur when a participant enrolls in a class but does not show up, will be penalized with a loss of a class session or a fee of no less than $12, and no greater than $25 (equivalent to one class session).

    • In emergency situations where you do not have the ability to un-enroll yourself from the class online, via phone, or via email, we can correct the situation after the fact, once we have received appropriate justification.

General Courtesy:

  1. Please be courteous when enrolling and please do not attempt to enroll in several class times per day, then cancel the ones you can't make. Plan ahead and prioritize your workout time.

    • Other members are hoping to use our services to get in (or stay in) shape. Taking spaces from users who are available at that class time creates frustration, which becomes direct at the business, and ultimately can reduce their motivation to workout. 

  2. If you have family members in town and want them to take a class with you, please purchase a drop-in visit. We are happy to provide them at 50% off of the normal rate. Please do not have them use a free class session.

    • The free class sessions are intended for potential members to try our services before making a decision.

    • Since our class capacity is limited, using a free pass on a visitor takes a spot away from one of our paying members.

  3. Our trainers are people too. They show up prepared to motivate, encourage, and coach you through our proprietary class. Let's show them and our other clients how much we appreciate them, by following the rules. We understand there will be exceptions. 


These guidelines are set to allow us to provide you the best service possible, and are subject to change. If you have any questions about our policies, please contact us.


We highly appreciate your understanding and we look forward to serving you!