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Current Status: We are closed via mandate effective 11:59pm on Tuesday, March 24th 2020.
The latest mandate from the Commonwealth of Virginia has ordered all gyms, fitness centers, health clubs to close their doors effective 11:59pm on Tuesday 3/24/20. We fought to continue to operate in line with strict precautions and social distancing guidelines to safely serve our community (and our staff) for as long as we were allowed. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused, but ultimately if it helps save lives, then we must do our part.
The moment that the government allows us to re-open our doors, we will do so with great enthusiasm, and with new measures in place to ensure the most effective and safe workout possible.
In the meantime, we have several options (and are working through more) to help you keep your body resilient and strong outside of our walls. Stay safe and healthy!


your health is our first priority

We exist to serve our community, and as a health and fitness center, your health is always our first priority.  We hope that each of you have made appropriate decisions to keep yourself, your loved ones, and your community safe. It is a challenging time, but we will persevere.

We are actively following all guidelines of the CDC as well as state and federal government organizations. At this time, we will be closing our doors based upon those regulations. 

We ask that each of you take a moment to understand what this situation means for the humans behind each small business, by reading the information below. Regardless, we hope all of you are able to stay healthy and safe!



As a business, we cannot set our expenses on hold, regardless of whether or not we are open. Retail business expenses are extremely high and the ramifications of not covering those expenses are even higher. For a retail business, a single month can make or break the business (and the humans behind it).

To paint a clear picture, our rent costs alone are over $13k per month. It costs roughly $36,000-40,000 per month to keep our small business in operation. The bigger the space, the larger the operation, the higher those costs. Many small businesses have fixed monthly expenses that exceed the average annual salary in the region.

One month of an unpaid business loan can lead to a business losing all its assets and most likely its ability to operate in the future. One month of unpaid rent can result in a default and the entire business, all the assets, all of the investment (the years of work, the financial investment, the planned future) is lost. All staff lose their jobs. Even if the small business fails, the owner is still liable for all debts, including the remainder of the 10 year retail lease, any loans, etc. Depending upon the level of debt left over, the owner is likely to lose their home and personal belongings

We have 13 human beings on our payroll that count on paychecks. In order to get paychecks, they need work. There isn't an option for them (or for us as owners) to obtain paid leave. There are not yet appropriate measures in place to mitigate their loss over the long term, and as a single-owner small business, we cannot afford to support them all without work. Those humans need food, to pay their personal expenses, and to know they have a future. Unemployent is not a solution, it's a bare minimum band-aid, and it does not provide a positive outlook. We are a lean operation, so most small businesses have even more humans impacted. 

The hard truth is that this situation will not only last a few weeks. There is not a clear end in sight. Many small business owners have already thrown in the towel for good knowing they can't recoup from the losses. New small business loans provide even more debt, they don't make up for the revenue lost during this time. They may help some businesses pay near-term expenses, but it's just kicking the can down the road. There is no good solution right now. Many will lose the future that they spent so long to set up.


All small businesses are in this situation and there are humans behind every small business. Many small businesses will not be able to weather this storm. These are not corporations. These are local citizens who invested their life and their future in providing their community a service. It will have adverse effects on many lives.


If you are in a position to, please continue to support your local businesses. It will save no only the business, but the lives behind it, and will reduce the impact to our overall economy when this situation ends.

Please Continue to Support Your Local Small Businesses!

  • Purchase Gift Cards

  • Purchase Services that can be redeemed in the future

  • Keep subscriptions running, if feasible

  • Tip more than normal

  • Donate supplies to the businesses that are still operating cautiously

  • Non-monetary support:

    • Write positive online reviews

    • Recommend the business to friends

    • Share the business' social media pages and tell your story




We highly appreciate your support for our small business and hope you can continue to support us through this time.

If you can keep your membership rolling we can offer the following:

  • Phase 1 - Phase 2 Members: We will rollover ALL unused classes during this time to your next cycle. We will extend those rollover visits further depending upon how long this situation lasts and how much time you need to use them

  • Phase 3 Members: We can handle accommodations on a case-by-case basis depending upon your needs (to include discounts and credits on future months)


For class session package and training package holders:

  • All packages are valid for a full 12 months from the purchase date.

  • If you cannot meet the expiration date, we will extend your expiration 30 days or more depending upon how long the situation lasts. 

If you cannot keep your membership rolling to support the business:

  • You have the option to set a hold/freeze on your account for up to 6 months. This will keep the remainder of the cycle available for you upon your return.

  • You can set an end date to your membership and it will terminate at the end of your cycle


Proper exercise and nutrition contribute heavily to a resilient immune system. Low activity levels and malnutrition can weaken your immune system. Below are a few options for obtaining expert guidance while social distancing:

  • In Person Training - In specific off-site locations, we can provide in-person training, maintaining 6 ft of distance, and with only one session occurring at a time.

  • Starting at $45 per session

  • Virtual 1-on-1 Training - Includes workout design, plus live video basd training to obtain the instruction and motivation of one of our fitness experts.

    • Starting at $40 per session

  • Home Workout Design - Expert workouts designed around the tools you have in your home or residential building

    • Get a 4 week tailored workout plan for $99

  • Online Training - Includes home workout design as well as check-ins and Q&A with a trainer to ensure your lifestyle habits are keeping you healthy

    • Starting at $149 for 4 weeks

  • Nutrition Coaching - Effective nutrition plans tailored specifically to your needs, from a certified nutritionist

    • Get a consultation plus a plan for $149

We will continue posting FREE at-home workouts each day on our Instagram and Facebook stories @e60fitness

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