elevate 60

The All-In-One Workout

This gut-busting, lean-muscle building program incorporates the best aspects from all exercise disciplines into a comprehensive and effective workout that accommodates all fitness levels and is unmatched in the industry for providing continuous variety to challenge your body.

Each class includes several exercise stations each with different movements and exercise methods to provide the most well-rounded workout in 60 minutes. The stations range from cardio intervals (treads, bikes, rowers, punching bags), to functional movement (medicine balls, sliding discs, battling ropes, etc.), to strength training (barbells, dumbbells, resistance bands, etc.) and use several different types of equipment. Though each class provides a full-body workout, we emphasize specific muscle groups during strength based stations to provide an intentional focus daily, and a comprehensive breakdown of the body over the week. Having a targeted focus enables your body to concentrate on a goal. Our muscle focus rotates between upper body, lower body, and core and can be found on our schedule page.

The exercises, the stations, and the equipment used within the workout change daily to keep your body challenged, prevent plateau, and eliminate boredom. Each class is capped at either 12 or 20 participants to provide the most effective service, and wearable heart rate monitors are provided so that you can see your effort level and progress in real-time (as well as track over time).

Elevate 60 isn't your typical fitness class, it's effective training in a group setting. Come see for yourself why Elevate 60 is the top-rated workout!

heart rate monitoring

Visualize Your Progress

In each group exercise class at E60 Fitness, we incorporate the (optional) use of non-invasive wearable heart rate monitoring devices that display each participant's statistics on large displays throughout the fitness center in real-time. These statistics include the participants heart rate, what zone they are exercising in, and Calories burned. The stats are stored over time so each participant can view their progress and trends, and make adjustments to get the most out of our classes and further enhance their health!


Elevate 60 is our primary class, offered several times per day, 7 days per week. Outside of Elevate 60 we offer specialty classes which are run a few days per week. Our specialty classes include a dedicated strength training workout, as well as a boxing workout like no other.