Our group fitness instructors and personal trainers are certified and experienced in success. Each comes from different backgrounds within fitness and athletics including Division 1 athletes, fitness competitors, military trainers, and more! 

Doug Frantzen

Doug's passion for fitness is only trumped by his passion for helping others. With a background that includes a wide array of sports, athletic conditioning, strength competitions, and personal training, Doug has a wealth of knowledge to share and the practical experience to help others apply it.


Through his primary sport, Wrestling, which he carried out through the D1 Collegiate level, Doug learned the discipline required to master both major components of the health equation, exercise and nutrition.


Doug started E60 Fitness to promote effective exercise programs as well as nutrition to promote healthier lifestyles and enable a healthier community.


Jaime is a true fitness enthusiast that incorporates health and fitness into all aspects of her life. She has a background that includes competitive cheerleading and NPC bikini competitions. She is a motivator, a coach, and an inspiration. Her investment into her clients is exposed through her dedication to their goals. 

Jaime also serves as the Regional Manager for E60 Fitness!

joe smackum

Joe is a certified personal trainer with more than 10 years experience. He has many specialties including Olympic weightlifting, functional training, and TRX suspension training. He was introduced to fitness at an early age both playing sports and weight training with his father. Experiencing and understanding the benefit of a consistent exercise routine, he adopted fitness and wellness as a lifestyle. “Fitness is not a fad, it’s a way of life.” Joe hopes to motivate and inspire others by helping them take their workouts to the next level.



Jake is new to the fitness industry in a professional sense, but has been taking friends and sports teams through grueling workouts since his freshman year of high school. Drawing from the power of football, the intensity of wrestling , and the duration of track & field, Jake knows how to craft a workout exposing any weak spots. While specializing in drastic body transformation and athletic/combat training, Jake stays on the cutting edge of fitness-related science to bring an extra dimension to any client or class he takes on. Passionate about fitness and eager to boost intensity, this trainer is quick to jump in with clients often working up a sweat himself by the end of class



As a Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Nutrition Coach & NPC Bikini Competitor, Brittany truly incorporates fitness into all aspects of her life! Her passion for fitness & nutrition began while she was attending school at JMU with a routine that included Crossfit, tennis, weight lifting, & group fitness classes. She obtained her Personal Training Certification and Fitness Nutrition Specialist Certification from NASM, has performed in a Head Coaching role, competed in 2 bodybuilding shows, and has helped many clients transform their bodies with a flexible & sustainable approach.


Brittany pushes people to tap into potential they didn’t know they had in them. Results take time and Brittany takes the journey with you each step of the way. When you think you’re done, theres always 2 more reps to go. 


Jamie, a former D1 softball player, graduated from Liberty University with a degree in Exercise Science. She has a strong passion for helping others reach their goals, while enjoying the process. Her motto is "get comfortable being uncomfortable" as she recognizes that fitness does not come natural for everyone, and the challenging hard work you put in is what makes your journey successful.


As a NASM certified personal trainer, Miguel focuses his energy on not only transforming his clients physically, but also mentally. He discovered his passion for fitness after going through a tough time in his personal life and realized what a difference exercise and nutrition made on his outlook and overall life.


Since becoming certified, his goal as a trainer has been to help his clients develop confidence, strength, and knowledge through fitness. He specializes in strength training, resistance training, fat loss, and sports nutrition. Working with his clients to get them to the best version of themselves is his passion.

alex shabo

Alex is a Certified Personal Trainer making fitness a full time career over four years ago. She managed gyms in VA and DC but always kept coaching as a big part of life. She went from a competitive long distance runner throughout college to finding a better balance and passion for conditioning and strength training. 


Alex is excited to share her knowledge and focus on form. She will be the energy you need and the last little push to set the bar higher.



Liz is a fitness guru from Southern California, having played club and beach volleyball, and swimming competitively all her life. She is passionate about health and wellness both in the mind and body and strives to inspire her clients through knowledge, motivation, and providing the support and guidance towards a more healthy lifestyle. Liz's specialties include strength training, yoga, and mixed martial arts.


As a former baseball player, Jacob had a natural athletic ability and an affinity for fitness. He has since been training himself and others for several years while paying close attention to detail, keeping up with innovative training methods, and keeping his clients healthy and happy.

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