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Group exercise is our specialty. We provide top-rated group training programs that incorporate several exercise disciplines for a well-rounded and comprehensive workout. Forget fads, our classes use proven scientific methods to build a healthier long-term body. Our group exercise classes are designed like personal training sessions in a motivating group environment, so you get the coaching of an expert, at a fraction of the cost. There's nothing generic about what we do!


Our certified fitness experts are experienced in success. They will work to understand your unique needs, and provide an individualized approach to meeting your goals.


From on-site events, to corporate discounts, our experts can design programs to help you increase employee health and morale, while boosting productivity and your business' bottom line.



Our state-of-the-art facility is designed to enable your best workout. This isn't your standard gym, and it shows. E60 is built for function.


"We are on a mission to inspire a healthier community"

At E60 Fitness, we want to help lead people along the path to a healthier lifestyle, through effective exercise and nutrition services designed for your long-term health.


Adopting the right health and fitness plan on your own, isn't easy. With 2/3 of the US Population overweight, 1/3 of which are considered obese, it's apparent that the right methods are difficult to come by and stick with. There are many temporary solutions on the market for dropping weight fast, but not as many solutions for promoting the longer term health of your body. Many fitness centers specialize in one or few exercise disciplines, which don't cover the full needs of the body. Individualized personal training is a very effective solution, but can come with a high price point that many can't (or won't) afford. E60 was designed to provide and expose more well-rounded programming that incorporates each need of the body, lead by a certified personal trainers (not just group motivators), and offered at a reasonable cost to accommodate wider adoption.


Our group fitness classes are our primary offering, using exercise science as their foundation. They provide a complete workout that activates the full body and enhances fat loss, lean muscle development, strength, mobility, flexibility, and overall quality of life. Our approach incorporates the best of several exercise disciplines, targets varying exercises and muscle groups daily, and uses intervals to elevate and maintain participants heart rates. Our focus on building lean muscle accelerates your metabolism and leads to optimal fat loss. Our workouts work your body long after they're over. We also implement the use of technology in the classes to monitor stats about each participant so we can visualize and track the impact the classes are making.

Outside of our classes we offer additional personalized services as well for a complete approach to your well-being. We are a small business, and we truly care about your success.


Doug Frantzen

A former D1 Athlete with a hunger for performance and a keen grasp on health and fitness, Doug created E60 Fitness to expose effective and innovative workout programming that drives lasting results and inspires healthier lifestyles.


Originally from sunny South Florida, Doug moved to Northern Virginia during high school. After playing every mainstream sport growing up, he took to wrestling in high school for the discipline and strength it demanded physically and mentally. Doug walked on to the Virginia Tech wrestling team and soon graduated from VT with a degree in Business while taking additional classes in human nutrition, foods and exercise. He couldn't yet see a future in fitness or athletics, so he started his career at a top-tier consulting firm. While quickly climbing the ranks in the consulting world, personal fitness and health was still a priority and Doug found ways to incorporate his passion for helping others with their fitness on the side, through personal training, teaching bootcamps, and eventually becoming a National Wellbeing Ambassador for his consulting firm. With modern fitness studios submerging onto the scene with popularity, yet plaguing the masses with ineffective fad workout programs, Doug recognized there was an opportunity and a need to share his philosophies and training styles with the community, and E60 was soon born.

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