On a mission to inspire a healthier community

We're a small locally owned business with a big mission, to inspire a healthier community. Personal health is of utmost importance and our goal is to lead people to healthier lifestyles through effective exercise and nutrition services that are easy to adopt, and are designed for long-term health.

We use a scientific approach to our training methods, incorporating several exercise disciplines and making the most of your time in our facility by focusing on effective functional movement, rather than wasting your time with long bouts of cardio that you can do on your own. Our methods enable us to cover all needs of the body and provide a comprehensive workout that ignites your metabolism, fuels fat burn, engages muscles, and enables your body to function better.

We know every body is unique so we've designed our programs to accommodate all fitness levels. We're here to help you get healthy!



This aren't your average exercise classes. E60 is best-known for it's dynamic, variety-packed and science-backed exercise programs designed by experts. Forget fitness fads, here you will gain the benefits of effective workout programming designed for your long-term health, in a motivating group environment.

personal training

Work directly with one of our certified fitness experts as they develop a program custom-tailored to your unique needs, and provide expert guidance, motivation, and accountability to ensure you meet your goals. Our trainers are experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated to your success.

virtual services

Here you can get expert support without stepping foot in our facility. Through online services, we provide private virtual training sessions and nutrition programming,

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A former athlete with a hunger for performance and a keen grasp on health and fitness, Doug created E60 Fitness to expose effective and innovative workout programming that drives lasting results and inspires healthier lifestyles.


Originally from sunny South Florida, Doug moved to Northern Virginia during high school. After playing every mainstream sport growing up, he took to wrestling in high school for the discipline and strength it demanded physically and mentally. Doug walked on to the Virginia Tech wrestling team and soon graduated from VT with a degree in Business while taking additional classes in human nutrition, foods and exercise. He couldn't yet see a future in fitness or athletics, so he started his career at a top-tier consulting firm. While quickly climbing the ranks in the consulting world, personal fitness and health was still a priority. Doug found ways to incorporate his passion for helping others with their fitness on the side, through personal training, teaching bootcamps, and eventually helping build a National Wellbeing program for his consulting firm. With modern fitness studios submerging onto the scene with popularity, yet plaguing the masses with ineffective fad workout programs, Doug recognized there was an opportunity and a need to share his philosophies and training styles with the community, and E60 was soon born. E60 is intended to provide effective workout programming that covers all bases for every human body.