Personal Training

Personal Training provides the most individualized approach to improving your health. A dedicated fitness expert will assess your needs, develop a custom plan for your objectives, and provide coaching tailored to your unique situation.
Our fitness experts are experienced in success and ready to motivate and keep you accountable to your health so you can do more with life. Set up your free initial consultation today!



Looking to lose weight, change your body shape, build muscle, enhance your cardiovascular endurance, or just get in appropriate levels of exercise? Our experienced and dedicated professionals are the best in the business.

special events

Getting ready for a wedding, family reunion, vacation, or other special event? We'll put together a plan to help you achieve the best transformation in the time you have available.

athletic training

Whether you're training for a physical fitness event, or for a specific sport, our trainers have coached (and played) at elite levels in many different arenas and can help you harness your skills for success.

in-person TRAINING

We'll pair you up with one of our certified fitness experts.


We'll assess your current fitness level, health, medical conditions, and administer body composition tesing so we have a baseline and know where you stand.


We'll help you set your health and fitness related goals and objectives, ensuring they are measurable and achievable.


We'll design a comprehensive exercise (and/or nutrition) plan to help you reach your individual objectives.

We'll guide, instruct and motivate along your journey to better health!








If you'd prefer to stay socially distanced, or don't have the time/ability to get in the facility and workout with our fitness experts, we can provide the resources needed to achieve your fitness and health related goals with:

  • Customized Workout Plans

  • Live Virtual 1-on-1 Training Sessions

  • Video Tutorial Demonstrations

  • Virtual Check-Ins

  • Online Training Support


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E60 Fitness Personal Training


We'll set up a free initial consultation with one of our fitness experts to gauge your current fitness level, better understand your goals, and identify the best path forward to help you achieve them. You'll never regret investing in your health. Our dedicated fitness experts are here to help!