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hear from our clients

E60 is easily the most challenging and fun workout you will ever do. No 2 workouts are the same, and the trainers are motivating and will push you beyond what you thought you could do"

Gina | YELP

The trainers are knowledgeable, friendly, and push you. They truly care about you improving your fitness and achieving your goals"

Grant | GOOGLE


Jen C.

“I started going to E60 classes 22 months ago and I've been pretty consistent with 3 -4 classes/week. I'm a runner and I love half marathons...before starting at e60 I would cross the finish line exhausted, coughing & gagging and at a slower pace from where I started. I felt like I could not take another step!


Since attending the classes my endurance, strength and stamina are through the roof! I now cross finish lines with the feeling that I could keep going. I've had 3 sub-2 half marathons, finished in the top 10% for my age group in 4 sprint triathlons, completed a marathon where my last 4 miles were negative splits (which means I ran progressively faster with each mile!) and I've run a 6:58 mile on a training run! I've gained muscle in my legs, glutes and core and as a result I've had fewer running related injuries - woohoo!


The classes have been awesome cross training with a combination of functional training, strength and cardio. I have seen physical results like gaining muscle and losing inches but my main transformation has been improving my stamina, gaining strength and increasing my endurance!! I always look forward to class - the trainers are excellent and my workout partners are fantastic! Both push me to work harder, lift heavier and go beyond my perceived limits.


I love E60!!!”

Women posing while bragging about how much strength and muscle she gained
Woman posing in before and after photos demonstrating weight loss

Mackenzie M.

“I started going to E60 about 3 months ago and I've consistently been going to 5-6 classes a week. In those three months, I've lost 22 pounds and counting!! I'm a recent college graduate and let myself kind of fall off during my college years. E60 has helped me get my life back on track and live a healthier lifestyle.  The trainers at E60 (including the owner) have been extremely supportive and I can tell that they genuinely care about my weight loss journey and my fitness goals.


On my first visit to E60, the trainers were so friendly and welcoming and made sure to thoroughly explain what the workout would consist of and demonstrated the exercises as the class went along.  The trainers truly care about their clients and are really interactive during the class, whether it's correcting form, or just being encouraging.  They also cater to each individuals needs by offering modifications of just about every exercise. 


E60 changes up the workouts every day and has the perfect mixture of cardio and strength training. In the three months I've been going, I've never done the same workout twice. I have not only lost weight, but I've continuously gotten stronger and I'm able to do exercises (pull ups, sprints, push ups, etc) that I haven't been able to do in around 3 years.  Over the three months, I've noticed a huge difference in my strength, endurance, and my stamina. 


I consistently look forward to my workout every morning and the challenge of what new exercise will be thrown my way that day.  The trainers have made my getting into shape journey so enjoyable and fun. I love E60 and I love the E60 trainers!”

And More!

Rachel T.

“I wake up at 4:30am for no one – except these guys.  My husband and I joined on a whim (we are NOT exercise people).  We quickly became addicted to the fun, intense classes, energized atmosphere and great staff!  We are eager to go 3-4X a week.  The workouts are hard and challenging, but made for all levels (even beginners).  The classes are not intimidating, but fast paced and fun.  Yes, fun!   And the best part is that each class is completely different.  Just when you’re getting good at something, they change it up to keep it challenging. Bring your friends or make new ones.  Huge fan!”

Alyssa B.

“When I first came to E60 I was 30 pounds heavier and much more out of shape. I would make it through the workouts (just barely) and super out of breath. The workout was hard and I may have been embarrassed about myself, but Doug and the rest of the team working out with me really gave me the encouragement to keep pushing. E60 gave me the tools, knowledge and confidence in myself to reach goals that I didn't think possible at the beginning of my journey. While I am still working towards losing more weight, gaining muscle, and pushing my endurance, I truly don't think I would have made it this far without E60. Whether you are just starting out on your fitness lifestyle, or are a hardened veteran, E60 will challenge you to be your best self and help you achieve your fitness goals!! ”

Drew W.

“When I first started working out at E60 I was what some people would call "skinny fat". I started at about 5' 10" 180lbs and about 22% BF. I could never motivate myself to workout and never knew proper form for exercises. Since consistently going to E60 classes for about 5 months, I have dropped 30 lbs and 10% BF and have more energy than ever! Thanks to Doug and the trainers at E60, they have kept me motivated to reach my fitness goals. With a healthy diet and consistent classes at E60 anything is possible! ”


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