With group training, our focus is on providing a comprehensive workout that includes the best components of several exercise disciplines (not one niche) to help your body over the long term, and provide a one-stop shop for your fitness.

Targeted Workouts, Backed by Science


Instructed by Certified Fitness Experts

Changes Daily to Prevent Plateau and Boredom


Flexibility for All Fitness Levels to Choose Their Challenge Level

Cardio Intervals



(10-12 MINS EACH)




(10-12 MINS EACH)





(10-12 MINS EACH)

several exercise disciplines

  • Most group exercise programs specialize in one or a few exercise disciplines (spin, boxing, barre, etc,), which can't cover the full needs of the body individually

  • Our classes include the best aspects from several exercise disciplines, executed in varying exercise stations

  • We incorporate methods such as rowing and boxing on top of resistance training, functional movement, sprint intervals, and so much more

  • All of our variety is programmed intentionally and comprehensively to provide a well-rounded workout, and help build the best overall you

real resistance training

  • Resistance training with the intention of building lean muscle and improving body function, as opposed to sweating or burning Calories, will help your body learn, change, and grow

  • The more lean muscle your body has, the more actively you'll burn fat (as your muscles crave resources from your body) and therefore the benefits from resistance training workouts last longer than the exercises themselves

  • We use a full sleu of resistance training equipment from barbells, dumbbells, squat racks, resistance bands, medicine balls, and more (not just the accessories you see in most fitness classes)

targeted exercises

  • The exercises included in our workout circuits are intentionally designed and paired together to challenge your body and break down your muscles effectively and comprehensively

  • As opposed to a generic mix of exercises, we focus on specific body parts each day to ensure we have a targeted focus that is clear and can be worked properly

  • We pick the most impactful exercises, so you get the most out of your time with us

  • Each exercise has a modification so that all fitness levels can work towards the same goal regardless of their strength or abilities

class changes daily

  • All stations and the exercises within them in every class are different each day, and are never repeated

  • The more your body does the same motions, the more comfortable with them it becomes (it develops habits), and the less impactful they are at changing your body

  • Repetition is great for growth, and is needed on major functional movements, but variety within those movements is key to keeping your body challenged and balanced (for example: varying your stance on a squat will help ensure the muscles are worked comprehensively and you are not favoring one area)


  • We execute cardio stations with short bursts / intervals of power and speed as opposed to long durations of steady-state cardio

  • We use these intervals to push your limits in order to maximize your capacity over time and to make the most effective use of your time in class

  • All exercise stations are between 5 and 8 minutes long. In between each interval we provide a functional exercise for you to perform before the next interval, so the cardio station flies by and you keep that pump in your muscles

above and beyond

  • We've designed our program to work for any fitness level. We provide a guideline, but you choose your pace and your resistance levels

  • Our fitness experts develop and test our workouts in-house based on exercise science

  • We benchmark from world-class programs used for elite athletics, professional fitness competitions, celebrity body transformations, and more

  • We commonly deploy compound motions and unique exercises that activate muscle fibers that aren't triggered in mainstream workout plans

certified trainers

Our programs are deployed by certified and experienced personal trainers, not just fitness instructors. Our trainers have backgrounds that span all of the disciplines used within our classes, so that they can provide proper guidance and instruction on our program. Our trainers can also help with individual modifications or challenges. We're not just here to motivate, we're here to provide the most effective workout.