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Check out our social media and events below! We're more than a workout, we're a community. All are welcome to follow us and join in on the fun, just be prepared to sweat it out beforehand. Meet your classmates at an offsite workout or after one of our in-studio classes, and more!

Bootcamp and Brunch
Sat 4/22

at E60 Arlington and

Inca Social

Enjoy a class at E60 Arlington and then head over at 1 pm to Inca Social with your teammates for the best cooldown you've ever had.

Aslin After Beer.jpg
Aslin Pop-up Class
Sat 5/20 10 am

at Aslin Brewing Co

Join us at Aslin Brewing for a pop-up class and a beer! Each class costs $10 (FREE for members using a promo code), and is followed by a relaxing cooldown at the brewery. Sign up here.

sushi jin.jpeg
Sushi Wednesdays

at Sushi Jin

Every Wednesday after the last class lets out at 7:15pm, head over to Sushi Jin next door to our Alexandria studio for nigiri and rolls!

Have an idea for an event? We'll listen.



Email to submit ideas for a social event, and we'll try to make it happen!



We highly appreciate the ability to serve our community!

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