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Woman using barbell which are key to strength training, and are a part of what makes E60 Fitness a unique group fitness experience

Strength Training for Every Fitness Level

Reach Your Goals with the Help of Arlington and Alexandria's
Top-Rated Fitness Studio


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True strength TRAINING

Workouts backed by science that target specific muscle groups to enhance strength, conditioning, and athleticism while enabling a higher metabolic rate.

Efficient workouts

Everything you need to help improve your health and fitness in 60 minutes. Beat the gym rush and never have to wait to use a piece of equipment again. 

certified fitness experts

Educated fitness professionals that are experienced in success  and dedicated to your progress.


Incorporating several fitness disciplines with exercises and equipment that changes daily to prevent plateau and ensure continuous progress.

all fitness levels

From beginners to professional athletes, our workout enables you to work at your pace towards your unique goals.

Heart rate monitoring screen providing a fun way to challenge yourself and makes our group fitness classes and personal training the best workouts and best personal training in Arlington and Alexandria

Track your heartrate, stay motivated, win prizes

E60 incorporates Myzone heart rate monitoring devices to provide real time and long term tracking of calories burned, exercise zone and health. Join challenges to earn prizes such as merchandise, membership discounts, and bragging rights!

  • Why should my fitness routine focus on strength training?
    Because that's where you'll see the most results! From being able to perform every day tasks better to slimming down to your preferred body fat percentage, strength training is proven to provide a wide range of benefits. Check out our classes page to see all of the fancy citations we put together.
  • Are you a gym?
    Yes, but not your typical big box gym. We're a service focused gym that provides group fitness classes and personal training, and because our studios are specifically designed for our classes we currently do not offer open gym however it will soon be available!
  • How are E60 Fitness classes different from other classes?
    Our proprietary group fitness classes focus on true strength training and use a HIIT-style workout to deliver you results, and is structured in a way that is accessible yet challenging for all fitness levels. We then pair our unique workouts with a certified personal trainer who will guide you through the workout each step of the way and top that with a FIRE🔥 playlist. No gimmicks, only a thoughtful workout design and the high level of service that you deserve.

E60 is easily the most challenging and fun workout you will ever do. No 2 workouts are the same, and the trainers are motivating and will push you beyond what you thought you could do"

Gina | YELP

E60 gave me the tools, knowledge and confidence in myself to reach goals that I didn't think possible at the beginning of my journey"

Alyssa | GOOGLE

E60 fitness is hands-down my favorite gym. The workouts are always new and engaging and the instructors care about not only getting you to sweat, but also making sure you are staying safe."

Benny | GOOGLE

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