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Workouts backed by science that target specific muscle groups to enhance strength, conditioning, and athleticism while enabling a higher metabolic rate.

certified fitness experts

Educated fitness professionals that are experienced in success and dedicated to your progress.


Wearable technology that displays effort levels in real-time and tracks progress  over time.



Incorporating several fitness disciplines with exercises and equipment that changes daily to prevent plateau and ensure continuous progress.

all fitness levels

From beginners to professional athletes, our workout enables you to work at your pace towards your unique goals.

Group Fitness, Exercise Class, Fitness Class, Circuit Training, HIIT


Our top-rated circuit training class, Elevate 60, combines several forms of exercise into a single workout providing a comprehensive and balanced approach to your health. The variety of training styles and equipment used in our classes is unmatched in the industry. We cap our class size to ensure proper training techniques are used and each class uses wearable heart rate technology. We also provide dedicated strength training classes. All programs accommodate all fitness levels and change daily to ensure continuous progress.

Personal Trainer, Couples Training, Small Group Training

personal training

As Certified Fitness Experts that are experienced in success and dedicated to your goals, our personal trainers provide a science-based individualized approach to each person's unique needs. Whether you're tightening up for a wedding, preparing for an athletic competition, or just ready to get in better shape, we're here to help guide and motivate you along the path to success. We provide personalized training for individuals, couples, and small groups.

Virtual Training, Online Training, Virtual Personal Trainer


Obtain the expertise, accountability, motivation, and coaching from a Certified Fitness Expert from the convenience of your own home, hotel, or outside environment. Our virtual and online training programs provide effective workout programming that you can perform on your own time, or can schedule to perform live with an expert in a virtual setting. We can tailor workout programs specific to your environment, equipment, and unique needs.

about us

Home of the top-rated

all-in-one workout, Elevate 60

We're a small business on a mission to inspire a healthier community. With effective workout programming backed by science, and certified fitness experts dedicated to your health, we're ready to help you transform and transcend!

We're best known for our invigorating, variety-packed, all-in-one group exercise class designed to burn fat and build lean muscle (Elevate 60), and we also provide a full suite of fitness services to cover every need.


E60 is easily the most challenging and fun workout you will ever do. No 2 workouts are the same, and the trainers are motivating and will push you beyond what you thought you could do"

Gina | YELP

E60 gave me the tools, knowledge and confidence in myself to reach goals that I didn't think possible at the beginning of my journey"

Alyssa | GOOGLE

E60 fitness is hands-down my favorite gym. The workouts are always new and engaging and the instructors care about not only getting you to sweat, but also making sure you are staying safe."

Benny | GOOGLE

Couples Training, Best Personal Trainer, Arlington, Alexandria, VA

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