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Open GYM

Workout on Your Own by Appointment Only

Appointment Only

When we are not running our group fitness classes, we open our facility for open gym use. The hours for open gym are  limited and revolve around our class schedule, and are by appointment only. Never wait to use a piece of equipment again.

Limited Capacity

During open gym hours, we limit entry every 30 minutes so there is no overcrowding and your workout is never interrupted by waiting for equipment. We emphasize functional, strength, and athletic equipment with ample space to move freely, as opposed to isolated machines. 

Limited Hours

Open Gym Hours Are Limited To Times Outside of Classes:


Weekdays Between 8am-12pm and 1pm-4pm. There's no time limit for each session, though we ask that you clear the space 15 minutes before class begins.

Please view our schedule to see if our times work for you. 

What Sets Us Apart

Strength Training

We believe in free motion, so you won't find many isolated machines here. We're fully equipped with several variations of barbells, free weights, squat/bench racks, bumper plates, dumbbells, medicine balls, cables, resistance bands and more.


Cardio Training

With ergonomic self-propelled treadmills, stationary bikes, rowers, and punching bags, we've got all your cardio needs covered.


Athletic Training

With a custom multi-rig, large turf area, stackable jump boxes, battle ropes, punching bags, Powerplates, Myzone in-studio heart rate monitoring, and tons of functional athletic equipment, our facility is designed to help you excel at your game, sport, or event!

Open Member

Passes and Memberships

Our gym memberships run month-to-month on an auto-renew subscription with no minimum commitment, no contract, and no additional fees. Cancel any time. 

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