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Maximize the value of the time spent exercising by fine tuning your nutrition with a macro focused approach

Nutrition service offerings

Nutrition Tracking

Gain access to our nutrition tracking software, Macrostax! With Macrostax, you'll be able to conveniently plan and track your meals while aiming for a nutrition macro profile that fits your goals.

$20 per 28 days

Nutrition Plus

Gain access to our nutrition tracking software, Macrostax, plus check-ins every other week with one of our certified nutrition coaches!


Our nutrition coaches will then monitor your progress, help keep you accountable, provide additional knowledge resources, and guide you through changes to your nutrition plan.

$120 per 28 days

To get started, click the Sign Up button below and fill out the form. You'll soon receive an email that will put you in touch with one of our certified nutrition coaches along with access to Macrostax.

Meal Delivery Partner

We've partnered with Vegetable + Butcher to help save you money on tasty and nutritious meals delivered straight to your door. We chose V+B because they're a local business that cares about delivering an awesome product at a great price, and they're focused on doing so in a sustainable way speaks to our value of caring about the community. If you're interested in trying out a meal delivery service to help streamline your nutrition, this is the service for you! To get started, we've set up an exclusive discount code MEMBER_E60 that can be used to save 25% off your first 8 weeks of meals.

E60 Fitness Nutrition Guide

Interested in learning more about nutrition and our philosophy on how to get the most out of your training? Submit the form below to receive our guide for free! Once submitted, you'll receive an email providing access.

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