Dynamic group training is our primary area of expertise! Our proprietary exercise classes are designed to provide the benefits of personal training in an encouraging group atmosphere. We use real fitness equipment, perform effective functional movement, and don't focus on just aerobics but rather a wide range of exercise disciplines. Our programs are challenging, unique and highly effective, which is why they've been so highly rated. Come try for yourself!


Don't let our equipment intimidate you, our classes are designed to accommodate all fitness levels. Our certified trainers provide guidance and motivation, but ultimately you choose your pace and your resistance levels. We use functional equipment because it's the best way to work your body. You do not need any experience to attend our classes. Our expert trainers will guide you to a whole new level of fitness.


elevate 60

Our flagship program incorporates the best aspects from all exercise disciplines into a comprehensive and effective workout, with variety that is unmatched in the industry. 

In each class you'll go through several exercise stations with resistance training, functional movement, and cardio intervals. The stations, exercises, and equipment change daily to keep your body challenged, prevent plateau, and eliminate boredom.


Each class provides a full-body workout but we emphasize specific muscle groups to provide an intentional focus daily, and a comprehensive breakdown of the body over the week. Class capacity is capped, and wearable heart rate monitors are provided to each participant. There is nothing generic about what we do.



All-In-One Workout


Strength Training

This weight bearing class cuts out the cardio and covers principles and techniques of true resistance training to build physical and mental strength, lean muscle tissue, and muscular endurance.

In this class, one of our dedicated fitness experts will guide you through resistance based exercises deployed in supersets and circuits to fully break down one muscle group at a time and build strength over time. We'll focus on proper form and technique, and feeling the tension in the right muscle groups through each exercise. In our usual E60 fashion, we'll provide effective variety in each class to ensure your muscles are continuously challenged to grow and evolve.


Boxing Workout

An exhilarating boxing style workout packed with action. In this class you'll strap on boxing gloves and unleash your energy on our heavy bags while learning proper technique and effective punching combinations. That's not all though, in this workout you'll also be guided through floor exercises and HIIT based circuits using the best in athletic performance equipment, designed to activate and engage all muscle groups for a comprehensive full-body breakdown. 

This isn't just a sweat session, this class will improve your performance, endurance, strength, mental toughness, and keep your whole body challenged for 60 minutes of fast-flying fun.

heart rate monitoring

Visualize Your Progress

In each group exercise class at E60 Fitness, we incorporate the (optional) use of non-invasive wearable heart rate monitoring devices that display each participant's statistics on large displays throughout the fitness center in real-time. These statistics include the participants heart rate, what zone they are exercising in, and Calories burned. The stats are stored over time so each participant can view their progress and trends, and make adjustments to get the most out of our classes and further enhance their health!