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hiit-style strength training

Our classes focus on providing a comprehensive workout in only

60 minutes that efficiently trains your body, and provides a one-stop shop for your fitness. Through HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), you can get the benefits of traditional strength training in half the time. (1) You want RESULTS, and it's our job to help you get there.

Beat the Gym Rush, No More Waiting for a Machine or Bench

Targeted Workouts, Backed by Science


Instructed & Designed by Certified Fitness Experts

Changes Daily to Prevent Plateau and Boredom


Flexibility for All Fitness Levels to Choose Their Challenge Level

motivation unlike any other


Since our classes are designed around the use of free weights, they are able to accommodate all fitness levels. Our certified trainers provide guidance and motivation, but ultimately you choose your pace and your resistance levels. We use functional equipment because it's the best way to work your body. You do not need any experience to attend our classes. Our expert trainers will guide you to a whole new level of fitness no matter your starting point.

real Strength training

Strength training with the intention of building lean muscle and improving body function, as opposed to burning calories through only cardio, will help your body learn, change, and grow (2)

The more lean muscle your body has, the more actively you'll burn fat throughout the day and therefore the benefits from strength training workouts last longer than the exercises themselves, not to mention life long health benefits such as improved bone density (3)

We use a full range of strength training equipment from dumbbells, kettlebells, squat racks, resistance bands, medicine balls, and more. Most importantly we use full-size barbells in every class, and you can't have proper strength training without them


The exercises included in our workout circuits are intentionally designed and paired together to challenge specific parts of your body, which is essential for effective strength training (4)

As opposed to a generic mix of exercises, we focus on specific body parts each day to ensure we have a targeted focus that is clear and can be worked properly

We pick the most impactful exercises, so you get the most out of your time with us

Each exercise has a modification so that all fitness levels can work towards the same goal regardless of their strength or abilities

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We've designed our program to work for any fitness level. We provide a guideline, but you choose your pace and your resistance levels

Our fitness experts develop and test our workouts in-house based on exercise science, and our classes change daily so you never plateau

We commonly deploy compound motions and unique exercises that professional athletes use to train, which activate muscle fibers that aren't triggered in mainstream workout plans

Our fitness experts are available to guide you through every step of our program, which makes our classes similar to having your own set of personal trainers





All-In-One Workout

Our All-In-One workout includes resistance training, functional movement, and cardio intervals. The stations, exercises, and equipment change daily to keep your body challenged, prevent plateau, and eliminate boredom.



Strength Training

This weight bearing class cuts out the cardio and covers principles and techniques of true resistance training to build physical and mental strength, lean muscle tissue, and muscular endurance.



Boxing Workout

An exhilarating boxing workout packed with action including punching bags, mitt work, battle ropes, floor exercises and more. You'll learn proper technique, let out steam on our heavy bags, and shed fat in this boxing class for all levels.


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